• • The welding spot energy distribution is even, has the best spot which the welding characteristic needs

  • • Suitable for spot welding of various complex welds or devices

  • • It can realize butt welding, stack welding, seal welding, seam welding and so on

  • • With 24 hours continuous working ability, the machine performance is stable

  • • Suitable for welding material below 2mm

  • • The operation mode of hand-held welding torch can realize arbitrary welding of workpiece

  • • Beautiful welding seam, no welding scar, no discoloration, no need for subsequent polishing

  • • The welding is firm, and the welding strength reaches or even exceeds the base metal itself

  • • No consumable welding, no wire filling, power on

  • • Simple and easy to learn, no master


Carbon steel, stainless steel, zinc, copper, aluminum, chromium, niobium, gold, silver and other metals and their alloys


Kitchen appliances, advertising, hardware products, automotive accessories, craft gifts and other industries welding

Machine structureCabinet integration
Laser typeFiber laser
Laser power1000W1500W
Laser wavelength1080 NM
Fiber length15m
Working modeContinuous/modulation
Laser cooling typeWater cooling
Indicator systemRed ray
Laser output focal length100mm
Working voltage1-220 V,50Hz
FrequencyMax 50kHz
Machine power≤7Kw≤8Kw
Gas connectorArgon gas connector
Power demand1-220V, 50Hz, 32A
Welding machine speed range0~120 mm/s
Working environment temperature range15~35 ℃
Working environment humidity range≤70%RH
Welding thickness0.5-2mm0.5-3mm
Welding seam1-6mm
Ramp time (S)≤0.1mm
Machine dimension (L*W*H)900x700x1200mm
Machine weight120kg125kg